The Lord agrees,
seeking another wife
is an innocent and sincere thing to do.
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World leader openly lives Polygamously

We don’t apologize for this rather sensational subject line, for as we know, polygamy, or better still polygyny, is becoming front page news around the world these days. We need to understand this issue biblically.

For those of us who love God’s Word of Truth, our subject line could refer to King David, Solomon, Abraham, Moses, Gideon, Jair or the prophet Hosea. For the secular and non-Christian world it could refer to many international leaders such as South African President, Jacob Zuma, any prominent Muslim leader, fundamentalist Mormons or any of the many extant cultures who embrace polygyny.

Christians are constantly exposed to polygyny, whether through direct contact or through the increasing coverage given by the sensation-driven media. Christians are seeking answers and if we don’t give them responsible, Bible based leadership then the inquiring Christian will find answers elsewhere. Polygamy cannot remain in the preaching closet any longer.

We present to you a thoroughly researched book which has already been recognized as an essential resource
on this contemporary subject.

Man and Woman in Biblical Law
covers all the Scriptural considerations regarding polygyny and is an invaluable reference source which should be in every Christian home and on every pastor's desk

Many Christians are finally confessing that polygamy is not a sin and God's "ideal" is a man made concept.
Monogamy and polygamy are equally acceptable before our Lord today. Welcome polygamous Christian families into your church now.